Welcome to DLS, the award-winning legal clinic of the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto.  We have been offering innovative legal assistance to low income communities for over forty years.  Our free services are provided by law students, who work under the close supervision of our expert lawyers.  For more information about the clinic, click About Us.

lwam3Our Services
We offer advice and representation for people who have legal problems related to criminal law, family law, refugee law, tenant housing and university affairs.  Depending on your case, this may include advice about the law and your options, conducting settlement negotiations, commencing legal action, and representing you at a trial or hearing.  To find out about the types of cases we handle, click Our Services.

We also provide plain language workshops on legal topics, designed for community groups or their clients.  Let us know if you are interested in a workshop at your location by e-mailing us at law.dls.utoronto.ca.

People We Can Help
Our services are available for people with low incomes who live in the city of  Toronto.  We also assist  levy-paying students at the University of Toronto.  For more information about whether you qualify for our services, click People We Can Help.

Legal Information
Since we cannot help everyone, we also provide easy-to-understand legal information on this website.   To learn more about the law yourself, click Legal Information.

Clinical Education Program
Law students registered at the Faculty of Law can apply to be first year or upper year volunteers at the clinic, or register in our upper year clinical courses.  For more information about our volunteer programs and clinical courses, click Courses.

Our Funders
We are grateful for the funding provided by Legal Aid Ontario, the Faculty of Law and students at the University of Toronto.